2011 Maui Basketball Invitational! Go Hoyas!

Fellow Hoyas,


The Maui Basketball Invitational is an annual early-season college basketball tournament that takes place Thanksgiving Week in Lahaina, Hawaii at the Lahaina Civic Center on the island of Maui. It is hosted byChaminade University of Honolulu (which is also a yearly participant), along with a field of seven NCAA Division I men’s basketball teams. EA SPORTS has served as the title sponsor since 2001. The tournament, broadcast by ESPN, began in 1984, as inspired by a 1982 upset by Chaminade over Virginia, is considered by some to be the greatest upset in college basketball history. The Hoyas are in the quarter finals along with Kansas, UCLA, Duke, Tennessee, Memphis and Michigan. Just in case you have time check them out, it will be on ESPN tonight.


Hoya Saxa,


Mr. Arauz



6 Comments on “2011 Maui Basketball Invitational! Go Hoyas!”

  1. Daniel says:

    Mr. Arauz, Gorgetown is playing @ radio station WGTB Sports Broadcasts Georgetown Hoyas sporting events and discussion of the Georgetown and national sports scene.

  2. Sean says:

    Are you even in this class??!!

  3. the Mighty and Powerful says:

    Yeah Daniel was in my class last year! I miss all of you guys, I hope you are having a good 5th grade year.

  4. melanie says:

    I’m sorry you miss your old class☹

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