We have been reading about expeditions lately. Tell me which kind of expedition do you think was more difficult – land or sea?
Please remember to use details to describe your questions; and to use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Remember to write complete sentences that are clear, to the point, and easier to read.

-Mr. Arauz


60 Comments on “Expeditions”

  1. briana says:

    I think a expedition is harder on sea because of bad weather or they could crash
    into rocks 😦 🙂

  2. kyle says:

    Mr. Arauz it would be harrder on sea because the seas could be crazy and your ship could sink.

  3. alexis says:

    Mr.Arauz I think it is sea.You know why well because the waves can be rough and slippery.

  4. Sebastian says:

    I think an expedition is harder on sea because you could crash if there is bad weather.

  5. katie says:

    I would think by sea would be harder because there are storms,the waves could get huge, the ship could tip over, and pirates could come a take you that would be scary 😮

  6. briana says:

    A expedition is easier on land because you can probaly walk or 🙂

  7. kyle says:

    sorry or tip over

  8. lauryn says:

    Mr. Arauz, I think the sea is harder because you can float into a whirl-pool

  9. Gavin says:

    I think it would be harder on watter becaus you could havi bad weather and becaue storms

  10. alexis says:

    Also Mr.Arauz the reason why sea is harder is because your boat can sink or crash into some kind os rock.

  11. melanie says:

    I think the sea will be tougher because the sea can change any hour.

  12. brandon L. says:

    Mr. Arauz. I think it would be harder on sea because you don’t know when the water will be crazy or calm when it is crazy the boat can sink when it is nice you might make it.

  13. thomas says:

    Mr. Arauz, it would be harder on sea because there could be storms and your ship can drown.

  14. victoria says:

    Mrs. Arauz i think sea would be the the woerrst. The reason why i think that is because of storms, and even pirates. If a storm came the sailors would be i big danger of giant waves and even hypothermia,ake a longtime to get to a docter on land! If pirates came they would steal vaubal objects, and even hold some of the sailors hostage!

  15. mia says:

    i THINK it would be dangerouse to sail on a galleon then on land. land is much more easier to travel on. scince galleons travel only by wind patterns it is harder
    to travel by sea.:)

  16. megan says:

    I thinink expedition is harder on sea because of bad weather or they could crash into a rock.[:)]

  17. sean says:

    I think by water is most difficult because not only you could be attacted and you have almost no cover.

  18. megan says:

    I agree Mia:)

  19. sam says:

    Mr.Arauz, I think that the sea expoditions were more difficult. Also, that the land expoditions are easier. But those are just my opinions.:)

  20. sophia says:

    Mr . Arauz, I think it was more difficult by sea because the wether changes to quickly for sailers. 😦

  21. dylan says:

    land. It is harder because they had to walk for 12 hours

  22. jilliana says:

    I think expaditions by sea are harder than expaditions on land.

  23. briana says:

    🙂 😦

  24. Khalil says:

    I think sea is harder because the weather can change any second.also sea is the hardest because the farther you go the waves get bigger. and thats why i think sea is the hardest

  25. victoria says:

    i mean the worst

  26. katie says:

    error on mine i need to add YOU CAN DIE THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮 😦

  27. joseph says:

    I think sea would be harder because of bad whether and storms.

  28. Eric says:

    It will be harder on sea, because it has alot of rocks (rocks can sink the ships.)

  29. Ashlynn says:

    Mr.Arauz I think sea would be more dangerous because the weather could be bad.

  30. sophia says:

    Tory, I agree with you. The sea is very dangerous.

  31. michelle says:

    Mr. Arauz, I think traveling by sea was more difficult because it
    was very dangerous because there is bad weather.

  32. thomas says:

    Mr. Arauz, it would be harder in the sea because the sea could be going the oppisite way the ship is going.

  33. nijal says:

    Land because if you are traveling and don’t have water you could survive or not and also it’s soooo hot.

  34. ryan says:

    i think land is better because if you are on sea and you are sea sick you wil be throwing up and i like land becuase you can be alive longer because you can eat on the island and you can make a home.If I was on the island I could have survive like 4 months.

    • katie ;) says:

      you can’t survive on a island for 4 months what is the island did not have food exept fruit and you also need protien

  35. carlos says:

    Sea is harder because the rocks could reck your ship.
    You could die much easier

  36. briana says:


  37. kyle says:

    land could make it easyer and sea would be harder so i would take land

  38. briana says:

    Mia i toatally agree with you 😀 🙂

  39. Brandon L. says:

    It is harder on sea and easier on land to travel.

  40. Khalil says:

    Mr. Arauz and fellow Hoyas, I think it depends on what type of land. it could be harder to travel by land if it is in the mountains or desert.

  41. Brandon c. says:

    Mr.Arauz I think that it would be harder to travel by sea because you could get sea sick or you would have to get a bucket and scoop out the water when waves get into the ship.

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