5 More Years!



Hello Hoyas,

Our school is about to get renew for 5 more years. Tell me your TOP 10 REASONS why you like OPA. Feel free to share your comments with your classmates.

Remember to use details to describe your comments; and to use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Remember to write complete sentences that are clear, to the point, and easier to read.


Mr. Arauz


112 Comments on “5 More Years!”

  1. katie says:

    i hope that we det five more years () ()
    (oo) that is a bunny so you know

  2. whalenvictoria3 says:

    5 MORE YEARS.! Please just five more years! πŸ˜€

  3. dylan says:

    5 more yearsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  4. melanie says:


  5. briana says:


  6. the Mighty and Powerful says:

    Here are my TOP 10:

    10. I like the color TEAL
    9. I like PapaChinos food
    8. We love our parent volunteers.
    7. We have a German teacher.
    6. We have great scores.
    5. We are going to Sacramento.
    4. Mrs. Campagna is awesome!
    3. Mrs. Roche is a genius!
    2. My daughter comes to school with me everyday.
    1. I go to work everyday, with a smile on my face.

  7. Eric G says:

    1. I like OPA because teachers are nice.
    2. Stuffs are friendly.
    3. I get a lot help from this school.
    4. I like to play football with my friends.
    5. we have wonderful roomparents help.
    6. OPA has a lot of activties and really fun.
    7. I like Mrs. Roche because she is a good leader and likes kids.
    8. I can made friends here.
    9.I like everyone have a big smile.
    10. I like everyone work together.

  8. briana says:

    1. I like my teacher
    2. I like my german teacher
    3. These netbooks rock
    4. I like this school
    5. I like the computer lab
    6. I like science class
    7. I like p.e
    8 We have cheerleading
    9. I like my classmates
    10. This is a good school! πŸ™‚

  9. katie says:

    1.They have a big field.
    2.It has a science lab.
    3.We have literature day on Halloween.
    4.We also have 3 weeks off for Christmas.
    5.They have computer lab.
    6.It has universities as classes
    7.It has band
    8.We use netbooks
    9.We play before we eat lunch
    10.I have a great teacher, Mr.Arauz!

  10. Sebastian says:

    Mr. Arauz these are the top 10 reasons why I like OPA!!
    10. I like the awesome uniforms.
    9. The playground here is really fun.
    8. I like PapaChinos food.
    7. The supervisors here take really good care of us.
    6. The teachers here are really really fun.
    5. The teachers teach you a lot in just one day.
    4. The pull-outs are really fun.
    3. I like the school colors.
    2. I like the university theme they have.
    1. And last because we are CHAMPIONS!!!!

  11. briana says:

    p.s im happy im in this school :):):):):):)

  12. kyle says:

    Top Ten Reasons i love OPA!
    10. They have a game room
    9.The school has a P.E/ locker room
    8.The teachers here are nice
    7.milege club is awesome
    6.Mr. Arauz is awesome!!!
    5.Mr. Spicer is awesome!!!
    4.The school has a great playground
    3.I love universitys
    2. I love the new netbooks
    1. I don’t want to go to my old school

  13. briana says:

    pp.s I love this TEAL OPA :)!

  14. megan says:

    Mr.Arauz and fellow hoyas I can list 957 reasons why I like OPA but I will list 10.
    1.I made great friends.
    2.My teacher Mr.Arauz is great
    3.I am learning alot
    4.I love computer lab
    5.I love P.E.
    6.I love the color teel
    7.Our german teacher rocks
    8.We get to use netbooks
    9.Mrs.Daily is fun
    10.A.R reading is cool
    P.S i think O stands for OUTSTANDING
    P stands for POWERFUL
    A stands for AWESOME!
    Those are my reasons I love OPA!!!!!

  15. brandon says:

    Top 10 ten resons why I like OPA!
    10. Opa has a game room.
    9. The classrooms are awsome!
    8. I like the Universitys.
    7. The Papachinos food is really awsome!
    6. The helping parents are great.
    5. We have a great German teacher.
    4. Opa has milege club.
    3. We have a computer and science teacher.
    2. Opa has new net books.
    1. I like the color teel.

  16. kyle says:

    Eric you are right on number 1 , because the teachers are nice.

  17. sophia says:

    Mr Arauz, these are my top 10 reasons I love OPA.

    10. We have awesome uniforms
    9. We have amazing teachers
    8. We have a science lab
    7. We have German
    6. We have a computer lab
    5. We have wonderful princibles
    4. We have great room moms
    3. There are great kids here
    2. I have a great teacher this year
    1. We are all Champions

  18. katie says:

    1.They have a big field.
    2.It has a science lab.
    3.We have Literature day on Halloween.
    4.We have 3 weeks off on Christmas.
    5.We have computer lab.
    6.It has universities as classes.
    7.It has band.
    8.We use the netbooks.
    9.We play before we eat lunch.
    10.I have a great teacher,Mr.Arauz!
    this is my 3rd time doing this it would not let me 😑

  19. michelle says:

    I have 10 reasons why I love OPA.
    1. there are great teachers
    2. I get to play with my friends
    3. I learn new things every day
    4. We have computers, science lab, and P.E
    5. you can play at reccess
    6. OPA has great food
    7. You can learn different languages
    8. We can use netbooks
    9. we have art class
    10. We have a great principal
    These are the reasons why I love OPA

  20. alexis says:

    Mr.Arauz my top 12 resons I like OPA is…
    1.I like OPA because they have wonderful professers.
    2.They have a great milage club.
    3.A wonderful playground.
    4.Wonderful,nice,helping,and caring friends.
    5.I come to school with a big bright smile on my face.
    6.They have parents who help us.
    7.Wonderful new desks.
    8.They have nice green grass.
    9.Great universities with grades so you know what university to go to when you grow up.
    10.They have a science lab,a computer lab,a P.E. room,and music.
    11.Our class has a nice person who supports us and helps and that is Mr.Spicer.
    12.I have a wonderful teacher who helps us and supports us.
    So that is why I love OPA!

  21. sophia says:

    Briana, I agree with #3 on your top 10s. These netbooks do rock!

  22. lauryn says:

    I love OPA very much but here are my top ten reasons

    10. The teachers are awesome
    9. My friend goes here with me
    8. We have a nurse
    7. Our pull-outs are fun
    6. We have key boards and recorders
    5. I love Papachinos
    4. We got 957 on the star test
    3. I have great friends
    2. Everybody is nice
    1. MR. SHULER IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. thomas says:

    Ten reasons why I love OPA are:

    10. OPA has the best teachers.
    9. OPA has the best playground proctors
    8. OPA has science lab and alot of other schools don’t.
    7. OPA has net-books and other schools don’t.
    6. OPA has milage club at resses.
    5. Our friends are awsome.
    4. Mr. Arauz is the best teacher in the world.
    3. The cafiteria food is awsome.
    2. OPA has a great gameroom.
    1. OPA has great parents.

  24. dylan says:

    Mr. Arauz, my TOP 10 reasons are:

    1.I like my teacher
    2.I like what he teaches
    3.I like our pull out classes
    4.I like all the teachers.
    5.I like the blog
    6.I like my email account
    7.I like my German teacher
    8.I like the netbooks
    9.I like Mr. Spicer
    10.I make lots of friends

    These are all the reasons why OPA should stay open for 5 more years.

  25. Gavin says:

    10 resons I like opa
    10 opa has great teachers
    9 opa has pullouts
    8 opa is the best school
    7 opa hasthe best net books
    6 we get 6 pull outs insted of one
    5 we lern in 8 ways
    4 there is two opas because we are te best
    3 opa got 957 api
    2 opa has great univercitites
    1 opa is the best

  26. lauryn says:

    I don’t agree with you for 2 lauryn

  27. lauryn says:

    gavin u forgot the space in has the

  28. Ashlynn says:

    Mr.Arauz here my my top ten reasons.
    1. We have the best teacher`s.
    2. We are called the champions.
    3. We have ice cream after school.
    4. We have P.E. for 30 mins.
    5. We have little laptops to go on.
    6. We have a Science lab and computer lab.
    7. We get to have assembly.
    8. We get to have a jog a thon.
    9. We get to have PapaChino for lunch.
    10. I love the color teal and black
    These are my top ten reasons.

  29. katie says:

    1.they have a big field
    2.it has a science lab
    3.we have Literture day on Halloween
    4.We also have 3 weeks off for Christmas
    5.They have computer lab
    6.It has universities as classes.
    7.It has band
    8.We use netbooks
    9.We play before we eat lunch
    10.I have a great teacher,Mr.Arauz

  30. nijal says:

    My top 10 reasons are….
    1.We have the best uniform.
    2.I love this school.
    3.We scored 957.
    4.1st school in the whole county.
    5 I have best teachers and teachers helpers.
    6.I think we all learn one grade up.
    7.I love the uniform.
    8.I love the field trips
    9.I love the netbooks.
    10.Best parent helper.
    11.Best principal in the world.

  31. lauryn says:

    thks sebastian

  32. Gavin says:

    kyle i agree with you i also like the game room

  33. melanie says:

    The 10 reasons why I love opa is …….
    1.my teacher takes good care of me
    2. my teacher helps me
    3. my teacher is awsome
    4. my old teacher Miss. Daly is fun
    5. My class takes German
    6. I have fun with my friends
    7. I love my class mates
    8. I love learning
    9. I love my Science teacher
    10. I come to school with a big smile on my face:)

  34. alexis says:

    Mr.Arauz I like your number 4 because you are so nice caring and a wonderful teacher. πŸ™‚

  35. sophia says:

    Megan, I agree with #2. Mr. Arauz is awesome!

  36. sam says:

    Here are my top 10 reasons:
    10. We have great teachers.
    9. Our scores got really high.
    8.OPA gets trips for almost all the grades.
    7. We love the prizes that OPA gets for doing so good.
    6. Teal and black go together so well.
    5. We, as students here at OPA, have uniforms to wear.
    4. The teachers have an amazing teacher’s lounge.
    3. The school has a leader named Champ.
    2. Everybody learns here.
    1. OPA is a lot of fun.

  37. kyle says:

    Sophia you are right the uniforms are awesome

  38. Gavin says:

    i agree with every one about german

  39. ryan says:

    10 reasons why I love opa are…..
    1.We have great teachers
    2.The teachers have geat potential
    3.We learn alot from the teachers
    4.We have great principles
    5.We have great netbooks
    6.We do a lot of pullout classes
    7.We do alot of activites
    8.We have great universities
    9.We have great parent helpers
    10.We have great classmates

  40. katie says:

    1.they have a big field
    2.it has a science lab
    3.we have Literature day on Halloween
    4.we also have 3 weeks off for Chtistmas
    5.we have compter lab
    6.it has universities as classes
    7.it has band
    8.we use netbooks
    9.we play before we eat lunch
    10.I have 2 great teachers, Mr.Arauz and Miss Daly

  41. sam says:

    Ashlynn I agree with your number 2.

  42. lauryn says:

    Megan u spelled Ms. Daly wrong Its Ms. daly

  43. sam says:

    Kyle I agree with your number 10

  44. Jacob says:

    10.)I love OPA.:)
    9.) OPA ROCKS.
    8.)I want to go to this school agian.
    7.) My teacher is asome.
    6.) My school is cool:):):):)
    5.) I like the science lab.
    4.)I like computersLab.
    3.)The Campouse is fun:>
    2.)The Games are COOL!
    1.)I want it to stay in chino:)

  45. mia says:

    1.We have great professors this year!
    2.we have tasty food for lunch.
    3. I have new friends .
    4.we have fun field trips.
    5 we have fun room moms
    6. AR is cool.
    7. we have awsome gardens.
    8. we have aswsome uniforms.
    9.Our school has lots of spirit.
    10. we all have mutiple inteleginces !

  46. Zach says:

    These are my top 10 reasons why I love OPA :
    12. We learn lots of things.
    11. Most of my friends come here.
    10. We wear awesome uniforms that symbolize we are from OPA.
    9. OPA has astonishing netbooks.
    8. I like OPA’s lunch (Papachinos).
    7. OPA’s staff is nice and generous.
    6. We have computers , P.E. , and science.
    5. We get to go to Sacremento.
    4. Mr. Spicer is awesome ( he plays football with my classmates and I).
    3. We had an API scrore of 957.
    2. OPA has a fun afterschool program.
    1. Everyone is nice at this school.

  47. joseph says:

    1 Opa has good teachers.
    2 Sience is fun!
    3 P.E. is cool!
    4 Netbooks are rad!
    5 Computers are cool.
    6 Mrs.holt is awesome!!!!!!
    7 I have great friends like carlos and zachary.
    8 Mr.arauz is a great teacher.
    9 A hellicopter landed on our lawn.
    10 We have a golf cart.

  48. mia says:

    I like alexis number two.

  49. katie says:

    IT WON’T LET ME POST MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😑

  50. carlos says:

    1O top
    1.We have a fun Science class.
    2.We have a short day on Friday.
    3.Is we get to go to Sacramnto.
    4.We went to Wild Rivers.
    5.I love Popachenos.
    6.We have great teachers.
    7.We have computers.
    8.We have an awsome German class.
    9.We have a great techer;Mr.Arauz.
    1o.My friends come here!!!!!!!

  51. jilliana says:

    Top 10 Reasons Why I Like O.P.A.
    1.OPA has amazing teachers
    2.The administrators are great
    3.We have amazing champions
    4.We got a 957 on API
    5.OPA has amazing things such as field trip rewards for API
    6.They do a lot of labor to keep the school looking great
    7.Everyone has school spirit
    8.OPA cares about students and recieving a great education
    9.They have great pullouts
    10.OPA is more fun than the average school

  52. briana says:

    Mia i agree with you to ! :0

  53. briana says:

    πŸ™‚ :0

  54. nijal says:

    i love every Alexes

  55. sean says:

    The top reasons why I like OPA are…..
    #10 We are all champion!
    #9 We have our own footballs!
    #8 P.E, Computers, Science, Music, and Recorders are awsome!
    #7 Mr. Spicer is great!
    #6 No bullies at OPA!
    #5 Mr. Arauz is the best!
    #4 We get fun projects.
    #3 Better rules like take care of OPA!
    #2 Nice students everywhere you look.
    #1 OPA has the best teachers around!

  56. Khalil says:

    My TOP 10 reasons are:

    1. I like OPA’s gameroom
    2. I like German class
    3. I like the colors Black and Teal
    4. I like PapaChinos
    5. We always do alot of stuff
    6. We have great teachers
    7. I like PE
    8. Mrs. Roche is the best

  57. joseph says:

    Zach,I agree on number 1

  58. mia says:

    I agree with you sean.:)

  59. mia says:

    my number 11. is no bullies at OPA.;)

  60. julio says:

    10 We have good teachers 9 the lunch food is good 8 Mrs.Roche is the 7 We have german 6 OPA is the best , we have a game room 5 Mr. Arauz is the best teacher 4 We have recorders 3 We have good principles 2 We do a lot of activities 1 We play a lot of gave

  61. michael says:

    Top 10 Reasons Why I Like OPA
    10.We get to learn German.
    9.We have a game room.
    8.We learn a lot at OPA.
    7.We have a football team.
    6.I like the colors
    teal and black..
    5.We get to use netbooks to do work.
    4.I like are uniforms that we wear.
    3.The teachers are great.
    2.We get to go on a Sacromento trip
    1.Mrs.Campagna is awesome.

  62. emiliano says:

    The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love OPA
    1.I Love the teachers here because they treat everyone fairly
    2.We do not eat the same food everyday
    3.We have different teachers for other classes
    4.We have great field trips
    5.We have a game room
    6.We can use net books in class
    7.We have great principals
    8.We have a computer lab
    9.We have recorders
    10.We have a great music teacher

  63. Eric says:

    almost 100 comment

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