Weekend Games!

Hello Hoyas,

Many of you are playing baseball, soccer, and football games this weekend. Share with us your weekend experience on the field. Sophia and my daughter are facing Samantha’s team today!


31 Comments on “Weekend Games!”

  1. lauryn says:

    My weekend was great!! We scored three goals in the last five minutes . But sadly it was a tie but a very good tie!

  2. lauryn says:

    I also blocked 4 goals

  3. michelle says:

    Mr. Arauz, I don’t play games like that

  4. dylan says:


  5. sam says:

    As usual for the rest of the season I have to sit out.:(

  6. melanie says:

    I have won my first game so we get sundays. I hope it is great for you.

  7. Jilliana says:

    I don’t play games like that.I only do ballet and tap.

  8. zachary says:

    Mr. Arauz
    I don’t play sports,but good luck Sam , good job Melanie, and great job Dylan! : )

  9. lauryn says:

    Hey zac what about me and jill

  10. megan says:

    Mr.Arauz i do not play sports but i will next year.I want to do cheer a soccer.

  11. katie says:

    i do not play a sport i do piano

  12. Sean says:

    Mr. Arauz i don’t play soccer, i play baseball!
    i’llplay soccer next year, though.

    plus, i don’t care who wins

  13. michelle says:

    Mr. Arauz, what do we write about?

  14. GarciaJake4 says:

    Mr.Arauz I think are #1 teacher in OPA!

  15. Brandon L. says:

    I don’t play any sports 😦

  16. jake says:

    I play soccer and I have my last game on Saturday.

  17. mia says:

    I don’t play sports

  18. Sebastian says:

    I dont start my basketball games yet. I just have basketball practice, but in two weeks I will start playing games.

  19. Brandon c. says:

    On Saturday I played soccer with Julio.It was a tie 1-1. 😦

  20. Brandon L. says:

    good job brandon C. and Julio 🙂

  21. whalenvictoria3 says:

    I play flag football. Unusual! 😀 I am on Gavins team we are the HUSKIES!!

  22. Mason says:

    I play soccer right now. This Saturday is our last game.Just like Sebastian i will be starting basketball. :))

  23. whalenvictoria3 says:

    Oh ya we are in the championship!! One of my coches dove in a HUGE pile of mud! Sorry wolverines but its time we win the play-offs! :X 😛

  24. briana says:

    my brothers play soccer on saturdays!:)

  25. briana says:

    i do not play sports:(

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