Rainy Day

Hello Hoyas! Today was a rainy day, and we talked about this in class. Tell me again, how does the rain make you feel?

Mr. Arauz


19 Comments on “Rainy Day”

  1. Gavin says:

    i dont like rainy days because when i get home i cant play in my frount yard

  2. Brandon L. says:

    I don’t like either because in school there is no recess.

  3. Ashlynn says:

    There is nothing to do in the rain because you will get all wet.

  4. sam says:

    In the rain you can’t do anything outside, just stay inside.

  5. zachary says:

    I don’t like rain either for 2 reasons last time I was in the rain I got soaked & it is so boring.

  6. katie says:

    i LOVE the rain how do you not like it? :O

  7. briana says:

    Rain is so awesome i sometimes like it and sometimes not

  8. Brandon L. says:

    good point Katie

  9. whalenvictoria3 says:

    I love the rain because you can sit by a fire watch a movie. ❤ I always snuggle up with my dog stich! 😛

  10. whalenvictoria3 says:

    How come every one does not like the rain? 😦 When i was four years old i alway put on my rain boots and , well across the street was a park, got on the highest slide a went straight into a pile of mud. I was a very messy baby!! Now i go into a quiet room and listen to the rain.

  11. the Mighty and Powerful says:

    Good question Tori! I like rainy days.

  12. whalenvictoria3 says:

    Thank you Mrs. Arauz! 😀

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