New Netbooks!

Hi boys and girls! We got to test the new Netbook computers today. Write me a note giving me some feedback.

-Mr. Arauz


40 Comments on “New Netbooks!”

  1. Gavin says:

    I also liked the new net books

  2. Gavin says:

    Today was fun being 1st to try the net book

  3. dylan says:

    I loved the new computers.

  4. briana says:

    Mr. Arauz and fellow hoyas electricity can kill you

  5. zachary says:

    The new netbooks are awsome!

  6. Brandon L. says:

    Mr. Arauz electricity can be bad because it can kill you. It can be good for our food microwave, fridge, and oven.

  7. carlos says:

    That is really great! We used them and they worked great.

  8. Jilliana says:

    I like the netbooks a lot. I like them because it makes it easier to do essays.

  9. Alexis says:

    Mr.Arauz I thought the new netbook worked great!

  10. Alexis says:

    Also Mr.Arauz the new net books are much more easier so they were really great.

  11. Brandon L. says:

    Mr. Arauz the net books are so great

  12. whalenvictoria3 says:

    Mr.Arauz the new net books are amazing! They are much more easier to use then a pencil and a paper! 😀

  13. Brandon L. says:

    Mr. Arauz the net books are way easier than writing.

  14. Brandon c. says:

    Using the net books is so much easier than using pencil and paper.They are awesome! : )

  15. lauryn says:

    Mr. Arauz I think the netbooks were great/awesome! But mine had A LOT of problems. Let’s just hope Mr. Mackenzie fixed all of them!!!!!

  16. Sean says:

    Mr. Arauz, we should use the netbooks more often! Too bad we can’t keep them.

  17. megan says:

    Mr.Arauz i think the new netbooks were great

  18. michelle says:

    I think the netbooks are great!

  19. Ashlynn says:

    i think that the new netbooks were really fun to use. I like it better than using a pencil & paper. I wish we could keep them. B-)

  20. katie says:

    i LOVE the new netbooks they are so awesome 😀

  21. Sophia says:

    I love the note books! I wish we could use them all the time.

  22. sam says:

    Mr.Arauz,I love it when you give us great news. Thank you

  23. sam says:

    Also,those were so much fun!

  24. kyle says:

    I like that you let us use the Net books.

  25. katie says:

    i LOVE the new netbooks they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  26. melanie says:

    I loved the new Netbooks I want to us them everyday.

  27. jake says:

    Mr.Arauz,I love the Netbooks because they are AWESOME cause they are easy for my essays and assignments.

  28. Brandon L. says:

    good point Jake 🙂

  29. Sean says:

    yeah, they rock! or fold

  30. kyle says:

    the net books are awesome

  31. kyle says:

    i love the net books that Mrs. Roach bought the school

  32. katie says:

    😀 i don’t have any questions besides the one i posted

  33. briana says:


  34. briana says:

    NETBOOKS ROCK 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. megan says:

    I love netbooks:)

  36. megan says:

    P.S thank you Mrs.Roch[:)]

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