Our Speed Racer

Boys and Girls,

I am posting this link, that I know you are going to find fascinating. http://youtu.be/dTPjkvaPXmw

Check it out and then come back to our blog and share your thoughts with Dylan.


38 Comments on “Our Speed Racer”

  1. This one is a little more exciting.

    Last to first against the best kids in the Country.
    Exciting Race

  2. Nikki says:

    I think doing races looks exiting and fun.

  3. Check it out, Dylan has secured his 6th Championship in the 80cc class.

    This last one is Dylan and Dad playing together on the track.

  4. stephen says:

    Nice movie Mr.McKenzie.

  5. Moriah says:

    Congratulations on the win Dylan, it must have felt great. I think racing is very exiting.

  6. alairopa says:

    Nice video. First video of a race of kid carts I ever saw. You never even showed us one is third grade. Nice!

  7. alairopa says:

    Which cart were you? Did you come in first?

  8. Raeanne says:

    Hey Dylan, How old were you when you drove this cart? When did you drive it? Where did you drive it? What cart did you drive? What kind of cart did you drive? Did your cart have a number? Was it your cart? How many classes did it take you to drive it?

  9. Valarie says:

    Hi Dylan. I want to Know How were you when you drove your first cart?

  10. Destiny says:

    Yo Dylan,I think it is very cool to go to kartkamprace.I bet when your done you feel dizzy.
    What kind of cart did you drive?Is yours homemade?Did yours go the fastest?What place did you get in!?!?It must have been very,very,very exciting for you and your mom and dad.

  11. Brianna says:

    How was it when you drove this cart?Was it cool when you drove this cart?That looks cool I wish I could do that, your so lucky Dylan so lucky.

  12. Kyle says:

    cool I race dirtbikes and heres a link of me just getting used to my new bike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKosiHGnYzk

  13. kate says:

    How old where you when you drove your first cart? Do you like driving the carts? How did you start driving? Is your little sister mad that you get to drive and she doesn’t?

  14. Benji says:

    Where did you find the go kart place Dylan?

  15. Estefania says:

    Hi,Dylan.How old were you when you drove your very first cart?Do you enjoy driving
    carts?How does your cart look like?.When will you drive your cart again? It must be
    very fun to drive carts.

  16. david m. says:

    I love to watch races, they are very interesting

  17. sydnie says:

    That’s really awesome that you get to ride go carts. I really like your go cart suit!! Be safe when you are riding!
    Sydnie Gomez

  18. Katiana says:

    Hi Dylan! You had a very good race! How long have you been racing? I hope you have alot of fun racing!

  19. Felicia says:

    Great job Dylan! That was awesome! Good luck at your next race.

  20. vranda says:

    That was very nice video
    Did you enjoy your race ???
    Did you come in first place ???
    Which cart was yours ???

  21. vranda says:

    That was very nice video
    Did you enjoy your race ???
    Did you come in first place ???


  22. vranda says:

    That was very nice video
    Did you enjoy the race ???
    WAS IT HARD ???????????

  23. Daniel says:

    Hey Dillon. Your pretty fast. I can’t believe you lapped some one to. You’re a great racer. You are number one. Sincerely Daniel

  24. Daniel says:

    Your faster than me in life racing. But I bet your not as fast in x-box racing!

  25. Daniel says:

    Speed is your name & fast is your nick name

  26. Daniel says:

    You Rock. At racing. Keep it up.

  27. Daniel says:

    Who is are new famous racer Dillon? ALLSTAR!!!!

  28. Hannah says:

    When did you first start riding.

  29. alairopa says:

    How fast can you “kid cart” go and the degrees of each grind/turn?

    I really want to know how much this car costs

  30. Daniel says:

    Your faster than fast

  31. Daniel says:

    I like the vidio Mr. Mekenze

  32. Daniel says:

    SPEED SPEED,is you

  33. Daniel says:

    I’ll do anything to see that again

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