What a Summer!!!!

It seems everyone has been busy! Im sorry to hear about Winston’s 4th of July accident. Maya drove by seven states in her way to Mt. Rushmore. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Gemma. My family and I went to Cancun, but sadly didn’t have time to meet with Grego and Emiliano. We had so much fun. And yes Bethany, I miss you guys too!

Summer is almost over,

Strength and Honor,

Mr. Arauz


14 Comments on “What a Summer!!!!”

  1. Livi says:

    AHHHH!!! GUESS WHAT!!! I GOT EVERYTHING ADVANCED FOR MY C.S.T.!!! I got 426 points in English Language Arts and 463 in Mathematics. I know it’s not perfect but i’m so proud! All that hard work paid off. I feel accomplished! (:

  2. Mariana says:

    Well I had a great summer but the bad part of my summer in Mexico was that when I was at top of a horse it tried to get me of his back! It was horrible because it started runing evry were because a motorcicle went in front of it and almost hit the horse and it got so scared he was diong a rodio with me at top of him! I will never ride a horse agian intill I have the confidence of getting on one. Did you have a good summer?

  3. the Mighty and Powerful says:

    Yes I did, my family and I had a great time in Cancun. Fuimos a muchas partes en Yucatan. Wow! Mariana que buenas vacaciones. Me alegra saber que te divertistes con tus abuelitos.

  4. Mariana says:

    Thank you Mr.arauz !Im glad you had a good summer.

  5. Nikki says:

    i went to a concert it was Emily Osmet mabey you do not know who she is but mabey your
    daughter does.

  6. Nikki says:

    i love summer. but i like it the best when it is so hot that you can go swimming.

  7. Ekaterina says:



  8. Mariana says:

    Have you forgoten OCEAA and your crazy students of 09-10

  9. Maya says:


    how was your summer this year Mr Arauz? hope it was great! Hope you are having a great school year with your new class. You’re new students are very lucky to have such a great teacher!
    Happy October

  10. the Mighty and Powerful says:

    Thank you, Maya! Happy October to you too! I am having a great time.

  11. jared says:

    Dear Mr.Arauz this summer for my b-day my mom and I went to WB studios! there we saw many movie cars those cars were the Bat mobels,Harry Poter,Yogi Bear,Matrix,Dukes of Hazzerd,GrandTorino,and the second copy of the Mystery Mobel.We also saw some movie costumes those suits were in Matrix,Batman,Harry Potter,Leathal Wepons,300,Watchmen,and other movies.

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