Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer explains signing nation’s toughest illegal immigration law

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer explains signing nation’s toughest illegal immigration law

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5 Comments on “Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer explains signing nation’s toughest illegal immigration law”

  1. arauz says:

    Hello Boys and Girls,

    Today’s discussion was so interesting, and I know many of you didn’t get a chance to share with us your opinion. Well, check out the LA TIMES article, and share with us what you think. Remember to be courteous and respect all opinions!

    Is the Arizona Law necessary? Is it fair? Is immigration in the US a big problem? How would you solve this problem?

    Have fun,

    Mr. Arauz

  2. Ari says:

    Well I mean yes illegal immigtation is wrong but , when police just start arresting you beacause of your skin tone or of an accent, i have a pomblem with that. I mean if i go to Arizona know do i have to carry a whole suite case of proof that i’m not an illegal immagrant? Well, i hope that they go over the this law and make it sound more resonably because right now it doedn’t. Hey, this is just my opinion !!!
    – Ari :]

  3. mariana says:

    You this thing going on in Arizona it should stop right now!Its geting anoing after all and its just so unfair imagen this okay your walking in a street of Arizona and you live in a house near the steet your walking in and all of a suden the ask you for the 10th time of the day,Are you an imigrant ?Can I see your papers? .Wouldn’t that bother you? if that was me I would really leave that state and go to California .Would you?.

  4. Oliver says:

    Al of this has got me thinking, what would happen if the president of the USA goes to Arizona? I can only imagine what would happen. How can the president, with all due respects, let this happen. Just thought that I’d STATE my opinion.

  5. Mariana says:

    I think the USA president dosent want to go to Arizona after all. Since the Arizona law happend.

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