Maya’s Current Event

Hello my little ones,

This is the link to Maya’s current event. We all enjoyed this one.

Coronal Solar Explosion

Thank You Maya.


77 Comments on “Maya’s Current Event”

  1. Grego says:

    Mays your current event was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. jakob ruiz says:

    Dear Mr.Arauz,
    I think maya’s presentation was the best so far

  3. gemma says:

    Maya I really loved your current event it was so intresting and very awesome I hope you can keep us updated πŸ™‚

  4. gio says:

    I loved Maya’s current event it was so cool i cant believe how much we can learn about the sun.:Dcool

  5. nyx says:

    THAT WAS A REALLY INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!!!! I especially like the video posted by the awesome, all mighty, fantastic Mr.Arauz.

  6. Grego says:

    It’s interesting how the sun lets of energy ;D

  7. Ekaterina says:

    Maya your current event was so awsome. I loved it. Great job Maya!!!

  8. beth says:

    Its Beth i like how she presented her current event ,she did great and she was confident about her self.I like how Dante presented to he did better then me.

    With love,

  9. gio says:

    Love your current event it was way better than my just to let you know hahahaha!

  10. Maya says:

    Hello fellow students!!!

    Thanks! I really like the article and i am glad you did too!
    Thanks for the support!

  11. Dante says:

    Maya’s presentation was the bomb, the only person that has ever done that good was Oliver. Great job!!!!

  12. Cristin says:

    hello Maya i like your current event it was very interesting. (: I really enjoy your current event and its was fantastic.:)

  13. Emiliano says:

    I going to put my telescope and try to whatch!

  14. Oliver says:

    Good job Maya! That was my favorite presentation by far.


  15. Natalie says:

    Maya, your news was GREAT!!! It seems like you practice more than three times!!! πŸ™‚

  16. ivan says:

    That was a very cool and interesting current event,that was the best current event i’ve seen yet, GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U did it again.

  17. beth says:

    Ha ha ha ha I didn’t know that this was going to happen, very interesting Maya.

    Lil Beth::)

  18. Ekaterina says:

    Your article was very interesting. I liked the pictures that you showed us. Im going to look at the sky today.

  19. Emiliano says:

    Bring more info on it!

  20. Grego says:

    Maya your current event was awsome and so is this (^^^)

  21. Winston says:

    That was cool. Do more current events like that.

  22. joshua says:

    Mr.arauz Mya’s presentation was amazing. And the video was also amazing. πŸ™‚

  23. Emiliano says:

    Try to do that next week!!!!!!!!!

  24. Ceci says:

    Dear Maya,

    You did very good in your current events. At first of your presentation i had non idea what you were saying because you used big science words and you lost mebut then you said the definition and i comprehended a bit better, but then whaen I saw the video, I knew what you were talking about.



  25. gio says:

    Wow this current event was amazing i loved it.:D

  26. Cristin says:

    Good morning Maya i love the news that you choose its was really cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. πŸ™‚

  27. Oliver says:

    I would pay a laut of money to meat the person who could do better than you. I salute you.

    βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ βΈβ˜‚βΈ

  28. beth says:

    Today was great every one did a very nice job. Natalie be more confident about your self.Either way you guys did SUPER good.

    Lil Beth

  29. beth says:

    I love this current event its great and it went fast.

    LiL bEth

  30. Cristin says:

    hello maya its was very great that i say woaw its was really incredable keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  31. Oliver says:

    That was extremely good. To good for words. Great job.

  32. beth says:

    I like this blog a lot because you can talk by coments.

    LiL bEtH

  33. Cristin says:

    Maya nice job on the current event its was so cool

  34. Cristin says:


  35. Oliver says:

    I truly believe that you can’t be beat.

  36. Oliver says:

    Some present of food and some of fame but solare flares…….. Good choice.

  37. Bennett ttenneB says:

    Wow, very cool current event!

  38. Ariana says:

    Hi Maya,
    Mr. Arauz was telling us about how good you did in your current event today. He always says that you pick really good ones,though at first it thought he as talking about Apple,not about the solar flares.I wished i could have seen you present your current event to our class.i saw the video and good pick πŸ™‚

  39. amanda says:

    The link block 1 saw to Maya’s current event was cool.

  40. Victoria says:

    Maya your current event topic was very interesting. It’s so cool how you got a video to go with you current event was very very great to help explain your current event!

  41. Kattieann says:

    Dear Maya,
    Mr. Aruaz was telling us about your presentation and that you did a great job. I bet if i was there, i would have thought you did a great job too.

  42. Jazmin says:

    Maya I really like your article even though I am not in your class but Mr Arauz showed us your NASA video

  43. Cristina says:

    maya you current event video was great…..

  44. Bennett says:

    Mr. Arauz keeps joking about my current event.

  45. Bennett says:

    In our class 3 people had the same article. It was about a dog

  46. Cristina says:

    maya you always do great jobs on your current events

  47. gabby says:


  48. Victoria says:

    Maya Mr.Arauz show parts of your current event it was very exciting to see that. i can’t believe that what your current even said is going to happen tonight it was so cool to be alert that way i can take pictures and hopefully be able to show them to the class and your class! I can’t wait to see it!

  49. Brittney says:

    Hey Mr.Arauz don’t you think it’s all this stuff is happening like all the earthquakes!

  50. Bennett says:

    The assignment I like the most in your class is the current events

  51. Joseph G. says:

    The NASA video was awsome

  52. jerry says:

    I am in block1 but its a really cool current event!

  53. pam says:

    Hey this is Pam and I just want to say that even though i didnt see Maya’s current event I think it would have been really good from what I’ve heard. Good job Maya! Also, thanks Mr.Arauz for posting the video so I can show my parents (even though they might know because they get updated from their iphone).

  54. Cristina says:

    Hey Maya keep up the good work on your current events

  55. lEXii says:

    dear maya,
    that is so not cool to scare me like that..hahaha lolzz… if i die its gonna be all your fault jkjk(X i really like that you got an amazing thing that could with you and all of us.. please keep us notify.

  56. jerry says:

    great current event!

  57. Alissa R. says:

    Hey Maya your article was very…. interesting. hopefully it will be a black out,but also I’ve always wanted to see a Aurora Borealis. And keep up with the good work

  58. lEXii says:

    hey hey hey,
    i really like the way you brought the video into the classroom to show us..

  59. Cristina says:

    Hey Maya what are you going to do on your current event…?

  60. Joseph G. says:

    I like the current events that we are doing

  61. jerry says:

    the video was cool too!

  62. Brittney says:

    Hey Maya i think you had a great current event even though i didn’t see you!-_-!<3

  63. Cristina says:

    Maya hope u do great on your next current events…. =)

  64. lEXii says:

    hello its lexii talking here,
    hahaha i really really like the news paper you did(X

  65. lEXii says:

    hey maya you really chose a good current event but even though i didnt see you Mr.Arauz said you did a very good job…

  66. jerry says:

    keep up the good work

  67. lEXii says:

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKKK MAYA!!!=)hope you can get more information about it..

  68. jerry says:

    nice current event!

  69. samantha says:

    Maya it cool how you added a video with your story. Keep up the great job.

  70. Livi says:

    Hey Maya!! I heard you did a great job on your currents events. I saw the video and thought that the topic very interesting. Good Job Girl!! =)

  71. lEXii says:

    hey its me lexi like totally,
    i agree wit cristina i hope you do a great job on your next current event and keep up the good work hahaha you are way better than me,trust me.
    buhh bye=).

  72. Carlos says:

    I really liked your current event about the solar erupcion good luck on your next current event

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