APA Format References

Hello Boys and Girls,

This is an example of the reference format that we will be using in our personalized research.


Author’s Last Name, First initial. (Publication year). Title of the Book –or– Web site. Publisher, City. –or– Website. Page #


Sharke, P. (January 9, 2006). Resolve to Exercise Yearly. Design News p. 12.


17 Comments on “APA Format References”

  1. jazmin says:

    mr arauz this apa format will really help on our I-search This really helpful thanks


  2. Carlos says:

    MR.Arauz I think that APA and references are pretty easy I think i am ready for my P search.

  3. nyx says:

    Im really excited for the p-search and will always remember the refrences now so thanks for the help Mr.Arauz

  4. Dante says:

    Thanks for helping me with my refrences. And I told that I know my refrences.

  5. Ekaterina says:

    the references aren’t that hard to remember (:

  6. Diana says:

    Mr. Arauz the references are really easy to remember

  7. Pam says:

    Thank you for posting this. It will really help me once I start writing my references. It will also help me incase I forget what order I’m supposed to put the references in. Thank you again, for posting this.

  8. Ariana says:

    Mr. Arauz thanks for teaching us about the references. This will hep me alot !! 🙂 Though looking through the National Geographic was kinda hard i didn’t even find anything!!!

  9. Diana says:

    Mr. Arauz my mom would even remember the references even if she says them slow but she will still remember it

  10. pam says:

    Fellow Classmates,
    I hope you all do good on your p~search and remember the order of the references so Mr.Arauz doesnt have to take points away.

  11. Diana says:

    Mr. Arauz isn’t there any more references that we should know 🙂 when i say we that means your students my class matesrd

  12. Jazmin says:

    Mr Arauz I’m very thankful for this apa some kids don;t get this

  13. LEXii says:

    heyy mr arauz what’s up? the apa format will really help me on my i-search… 7th graders told me that the i-search was really hard last year and that they are really happy that
    this year they dont have to do it the some as last years i-search.i hope i do really good and that i get a better score than my math tests and stuff(

  14. JaZmIn says:

    Why do we have to do a I-search mr arauz?

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