Current Events

I just love these current events presentations, the presentations are fun and you are doing an excellent job every week. Let me know your thoughts. Which one has been your favorite presentation? I personally, really liked President Obama’s twin story, good job, Oliver.

Mr. Arauz


19 Comments on “Current Events”

  1. Natalie says:

    The current events are so fun! It is a very good idea,because the students tells us about the latest news!!!!!!

  2. Natalie says:

    The current events was a GREAT idea,because the students tells us about the latest news. And also it prepares us for I-search!!!! I just love doing the current events in front of the hole class.NEXT TIME I will choose one that will surprise you a lot!!!!!(I hope)

  3. Diana says:

    Hello Mr. Arauz I do think that doing the current events is a really good idea because me and my class are really scared about doing the current events but it helps us because when we do the i-search we wouldn’t be that scared to face the audience. Because of the “Powerful Mighty Super Hero” Mr.Arauz Has prepared us!! 🙂

  4. jazmin says:

    hey mr arauz thank you these current events have all helped me on my presenting now I know I ll do all right on my I-search

  5. gio says:

    Mr.Arauz i am having so much fun with these current events too they are so intresting to learn aboute things happening.They are so much fun:)bye

  6. Ariana says:

    Mr. Arauz where did you come up with the current events? Personaly i like doing this,now(for me anyways) it’s coming wih ease.:) Though why do you not lke us to bring in “sad” stories?

  7. nyx says:

    I really like current events because I’ve never really looked at a newspaper but now that current event started I really like the news.

  8. Dante says:

    Yes current event are very cool I usually get 13/16 but this time i got 14/16

  9. Ceci says:

    hi mr.arauz

    i would just like to say that current events has been very difficult for me.

  10. joshua says:

    Mr.arauz the curent events are fun and the best one that I think I did was the Angels but It s not good that the Angels are losing. 🙂

  11. ivan says:

    True this is a very cool way to learn how to present things in front of other people and friends.

  12. amanda says:

    I love doing current events.

  13. Livi says:

    Current Events is a great idea! I’ve grown more confidence doing this and I think it’ll help everyone with their isearch.

  14. pam says:

    I personally liked the story Itzel did about the 4 year old girl that was missing for 7 days then they found her under her mattress under sheets of blankets dead and rotting away. I personally think it was one of the maids because Itzel said she was disabled in many ways so maybe the maids got tired of dealing with the girl and they just decided to kill her so they’ll be free. Well that’s just my opinion and hope my fellow classmates have another prediction. Please do keep us updated about the little girl Itzel. 😀

  15. pam says:

    I also really liked Oliver’s current event about the earthquakes called “What’s Up With All The Earthquakes?” I think he did a good job and O.C.H.S.A is very lucky to have Oliver and Maya.

  16. Ariana says:

    Mr Arauz i got this current event from CNN and it’s really intersting. Hopfuly i will persent it well on Friday but i want to persent it tommorow with the boys 😦 oh well and… i hope that no one has the same one [pammi and marylin]!!!!!!!! jkjkjkjkjjkjk

  17. arauz says:

    Ariana, be ready! If the boys are not ready, we might have time for you!

  18. Ari says:

    hey Mr Arauz i wonder if we call the guy in my article , i wonder if god will tell him we will call him? lol 😀 do u think so ?

  19. beth says:

    In science we are doing kinda like current ivents so much fun.MIss yuo Mr.Arauz.(:

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