Book Level Finder

Boys and Girls, this is the website for book levels.


9 Comments on “Book Level Finder”

  1. miguel says:

    thanks mr arauz this helped

  2. Winston says:

    This website helped a lot in finding good books to read over the break.It is also nice to have as reference.

  3. Mariana says:

    I used the web site and found books and its ratings,thanks its very helpful .

  4. jazmin says:

    the mighty powerful mr arauz

    this book finder has really helped on my A.r now I CAN READ BOOKS MY OWN A.R LEVEL

  5. jakob says:

    thanks Mr arauz my mom loves this website

  6. Carlos says:

    MR.Arauz I think this book finder idea is really smart and cool. =)

  7. Livi says:

    Thanks for adding this website. I use it a lot now. I think I’ve been doing really good on my reading comprehension now that I can find my reading level. I’ve been trying really hard and I know that I’m improving. This really helped!

  8. amanda says:

    This really helped me pick out a good book.

  9. Alissa R. says:

    Thank you Mr.Arauz this website helped me alot. I found a book that can read now.

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