February Homework

Hello class,

Voy a intentar escribir la tarea en nuestro blog. Espero que les pueda ayudar.
I am going to make an effort and try really hard to write the homework in here. I hope this helps!

Strength & Honor,

Mr. Arauz


9 Comments on “February Homework”

  1. Amanda says:

    Homework 2/1/2010

    1. reading log
    2. daily review W11
    3.read the fire builder or el hacedor de fuego
    4. Continue adding questions and predictions to the fire builder or el hacedor de fuego
    5. chapter 8 socaial studies

  2. Maya says:


    Thabks for the hw!

  3. arauz says:

    Homework 2/2/2010

    Reading Log
    Daily Review W11
    Read (El Hacedor de Fuego/The Fire Builder)
    Continue working in CH8 Social Studies
    Start collecting materials for the Mummification Project

  4. Dante says:

    Cool I love reading El hacedor de fuego

  5. jakob says:

    thanks mr arauz

  6. Amanda says:

    1.reading log
    2.daily review
    3.read the fire builder or hacedor de fuego
    4.study chapter 8
    5.chapter 8 packet

  7. Maya says:

    Hello Mr. Arauz can you please tell me what todays hw is.

  8. Mr. Arauz says:

    HI Maya!

    Social Studies Quiz is ready!!!
    The CH8 packet is due mañana.
    Remember to bring the chile poblano, the gauze, and spices. Is Mummy Time!!!
    Daily Review and Reading Log!

  9. joshua says:

    mr.Arauz what do we write on our first,secund and therd peragraf because I forgot.

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