Project Zero Waste

Hello Boys and Girls!

Allison just finish her presentation for Project Zero Waste. Since I wasn’t able to see it, please write me a brief summary about her presentation. Make sure you use complete sentences, plenty of details, and check your spelling.

thank you,

Mr. Arauz


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  1. reduse,reuse,and recycle

  2. Marilyn uribe says:

    Marilyn Uribe
    January 28,2010
    Project Zero
    The presentation for project zero was really exciting, it was really exciting because i got to learn how to help the earth better.I really enjoyed the part wen joseph G put on the costume that showed us how the land fill worked. We also got to see pictures of animols in the land fill that have gotten hurt by the crows and the other birds. We got to see a live land turtle it was soo cute i think im going to get on . OH we also learned about reuse reduse and resycle. I hope u can learn about project zero to mr arauz n we can all know about it
    -love marilyn
    PS:thank you alison for teaching us about project zero 😀

  3. Bennett ttenneB says:

    Project 0
    The presentation was very important. It was about where trash goes after you put it in the trash can, how to upcycle and it was about how much you know about project 0. We did a project where we have to plan to try to make something out of something we use often. Then we have to find a way to advertise it to the school.

  4. pam says:

    Hello Mr. Arauz,
    You missed a good presentation. Project Zero was very meaning full and taught me alot. Allison showed and told us where the trash goes after we throw it away and how it effects our environment. She told us how we could reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle our garbage. Another thing she told us is if we litter it goes to the ocean and can effect the environment of many animals and can most likely kill them. She even brought a live tortoise named teddy to show us one of the animals that can be effected by littering. She even let us come up with some ideas on how we could do our share here at school. She was very helpful to us and the way she explained everything was great. She made me more interested in this subject and hope I could visit our local landfill. This was the most interesting presentation i have ever had. Also i really liked how she brought examples of stuff like for upcycling and many more especially the way how Joseph G. put on a costume and showed us how the process works. Mr.Arauz you really missed out on a really good and interesting presentation.
    P.S. Allison if your reading this I think bringing Teddy was a great idea!

  5. JAZMIN **** says:

    That presentaation that Allison made was very interesting and awesome.that is what we will be learning while we are at outdoor science school.we got to do alot of fun stuff with Allison.She taught us how to make stuff out of cans and alot more stuff I was very excited when I knew she going to come I was very excited the most exciting part was when she took out her tortoise named teddy.I also liked it because we had a raffle and a group contest the group that writes what are they going to do to make people help with the thing that we are doing.

  6. pam says:

    Thank You 🙂

  7. Esgar (emo) rox says:


    I loved the presintation it was awesome. i never knew that all the trash gets crushed with a bull dozer.I hope that i will never go on our streets and our ocean. Allison told us that if throw the trash outside the window birds will come and eat it and eventually will die.Some of the stuff like plastic bottles are made out of oil and the oil is called methage i think?I loved the part when she showed us the tourtise.WE GOT TO TOUCH THE TOURTISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And i thought the whole presentation was awesome oh and the part when Joseph Gozales dressed up as a landfiil and there is 5 layer i think but thats preety much it by and have a nice day Mr.Arauz and class of Mrs.Noffal bye bye

  8. JAZMIN **** says:

    Hey Allison thank you very much for coming to our class and giving us that awesome presentation you rock see ya in 6 weeks bye take care*******

  9. Miguel says:

    Project Zero

    The presentation Project zero was very important when we where there. I was impressed by how Alice showed us how to reuse, reduce,and showed us a landfill,a transfer station, and a bull dozer smashing the trash so they leave space for more trash in. I cant wait until we here more about Alice.I saw on the projector a smashed turtle shell with holes in between. I saw a turtle named Teddy.

    Alice also gave us a quiz on how well we know on compost,reduce,recycle,and reuse. Also you missed a great presentation. We had Joseph as a volunteer dress up as a plastic bag,on top of that Alice put many sources of trash . She said that not to throw away batteries or things that you can recycle into the green trash bin. I am so excited that Alice used her time for us students of O.C.E.A.A

  10. Jake says:

    Dear Mr.Arauz, today in the our classroom there is a visitor from out door science school.Her name is Allison.She is gonna teach us to recycle .The first thing she taught us is we played this game quiz.You have get a remote and then you have to lock in your answer.After you are done doing that you have to see if your question was right.

    Then when we were done playing the game.Then she took out a tortoise and let the whole class touch it. The shell was really hard and then the face looked all grumpy.Then after we were done touching the tortoise.We had to get into groups.The group I was in were amanda,alexus and joseph.We needed to answer recycling questions.

  11. Olivia says:

    Today we had someone to come into our classroom and give us a presentation about something called Project Zero Waste. At first, we took a quiz to see how much we already knew. I got half of the answers correct. It asked us questions about recycling, trash, landfills, and the environment. I think the quiz was very helpful.
    After that, Allison showed us what happens to our trash, like where it goes, how it effects our environment and community, and how it can also effect animals. We also talked about landfills. I learned that landfills can be very useful and we also talked about the layers of the landfill underground. I liked how we used a student as a representation because it showed you everything visually. It really helped me understand everything better.
    In the end we got into groups and worked on a brainstorming poster on ideas of how our school could use upcycling. My group and I thought of many things. I liked how Allison got us interested in the topic and got us to participate because every time we answered a question or helped her with something we got a chance to win something in the raffle. I think everyone enjoyed her presentation.

  12. Kattieann says:

    Mr. Arauz you missed a great presentation by Allison, she talked about many important things about helping the earth. First, she talked about trash and where it goes after we throw it away. Did you know that after everything they put it in a Land Fill ?? Trash goes through a huge cycle. First, you throw it in a trash bin. Then, it goes to a dumpster. After, they take it to that place where they sort it out. Finally they put the trash in the land fill. Very tiring for the trash isnt it ?
    Allison also explained about the importance of recycling. People Should recycle things like paper [ help save the trees ], plastic and aluminum things. If you litter on the street and it rains, the rain will take the trash with it to down the drain. Then it goes to a river which goes to a ocean, where animals live [ very bad for the animals ]. She talked about reusing things, which is very good for the environment. She really made me think about the importance of recycling.
    In the end we talked about animals and how to keep them safe. She showed us a picture of a bears droppings, and it had a bunch of trash in it. The bear had trash in its droppings because he ate it when it was on the ground [ caused by littering ]. Allison also showed us a picture of a dead rabbit. The rabbit was dead because she ate trash and it got stuck in its stomach , causing it to starve to death. I think people should really start helping animals by NOT LITTERING.

  13. samantha says:

    Hello Mr. Arauz,

    The presentation was fun. Allison mostly talked about were the trash went when we though it away. Also how we could reduce trash in to something new . she showed a backpack made out of a candies warper it was a nice backpack . Allison presentation for project zero waste was funny when Joseph g put a landfill costume on too. Allison also bought a in danger animal it was in danger because of poulation . Allison presentation was fun.

  14. LeXi says:

    DeAr Mr.ArAuZ,
    TodAy We HaD A PrEsenTaTiOn It WAs VEry WoNdeRfUl.ThE PresenTaTIon TalkeD AbOuT CyclInG,TraSh,AND loTS MORe.ThE PeRSoN ThAT TaLked to Us, HeR naMe WaS alLiSon. The PResenTaTIOn Was VeRy woNDerFuL and ExCiTiNG.AlLisoN ToLd Us ThAt In about 6 Or 8 weEKS she waS goInG cOMe back To SEe HoW were doInG.
    In The BeggiNg Of ThE PreSenTaTiOn We GoT To Use A LITtle COnTroL AnD we got To Do a littLe QUiZ. It TaLkEd ABoUt HoW maNY FOod lb. do WE USE IN A DAY??? THE QUIZ Was prettY EasY…. MosT Of ThE QuestIoNS WeRe QuestIoNs thAt i alReaDy KnEw.ThAt Is whAt Happen In The begGiNg of The PresenTatIoN.
    In The The mIddLe Of ThE PrEsenTatIon We LeaRned AbOuT the LanDfIll And Then joSePh A.K.A Joe joE DreSsEd Up In a land Fill cUstOm.He LOOKED VErY FuNnY and thEn Mrs. NoffAl TooK A lot of piCtUres of HIm.ThE ThInG IS thAt i nevEr kNew ThAt in O.C we Had 3 Three LAndFillS. LAnd FiLlS Are AwEsoMe looKiNg. I wiSh I we went There SoMeDaY.
    In ThE EnD Of The preSentatioN We HaD To Get in a GroUp, My GroUp Was JAkE, AmanDa, JoSepH, And Me.In OuR GrOuP we Had To Do A AnsweR ThInGy i dont KnOw whaTs It Called. ThAt PreSenTAtioN was awEsoMe.

  15. Victoria says:

    Well Mr.Arauz because you missed out on the Science thing i will tell you about it. I have to say it was so much fun.
    First we looked at the ecosystem and landfills. We learned how trash can really effect the ecosystem and animals. Also we learned to, reuse,reduse, and recycle can really help. It was so much touching Teddy the taurus. i loved the beginning of the the presentation.
    The next thing we did was watch Joseph put on a costume representing the landfill. And the lyres it goes though. It was very exciting to see that. I liked it because it was actually a person trying it on se it was some what 3-D. I was pretty sad thought because it was almost over.
    Toward the end we made something similar to a bubble map. And we shared them altogether as a class. I really liked it. Thank you.

  16. Aaron says:

    You missed out having fun with Alissa. We took a test with like couqlater thing. I got two out of two on the test. We also had to fill in six circles about how we can help recycle. I put we put up posters on the school saying how we can recycle. This is was fun.
    we also did many other fun things. One of the fun things is we saw a tortes. The tortes name was Teddy. They also let us touch Teddy and she said we can’t touch his mouth because can bit us. After that they made Joseph G. dress up as land fill and it was fun. And we read the deffinition of the three R.Ithink in the middle was the funest.

  17. Ariana Andrade says:

    Today in class a girl named Allison from Inside the Outdoors came to talk about Project Zero. She gave presentation of Project Zero and taught us if how we can reduce,reuse,and recycle the things that can be useful though we throw it away. What she showed and taught us as very good information.
    First she gave us a little quiz that was surprisingly a fun activity. Then we got to learn vocabulary words such as,endangered spices , reuse, reduce,and many different other words. Later she dressed up Joseph as a landfill , which was funny. Even though it was funny it helped me understand the layers of a landfill better. After that activity she showed us a slide show of what happens to our trash , ehat happens at a landfill and what happens to our trash. Also she showed us how trash that is not thrown away can effected animals like polar bear and shore birds.
    (not finished I will finish later)

  18. MaRiLyN URibE says:

    the project zero was really helpfull on teaching the class on how to keep the earth more clean. We all learned something new today n that was to reuse reduse and resycle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. arauz says:

    Wow! It sounds like I miss a really good presentation. I met Allison earlier today, I knew you were going to enjoy her presentation. I believe that the simplest thing we can do to reduce litter is to reduce waste and make sure whatever waste we do produce is disposed of responsibly. Reduce,reuse,and recycle, right Alissa! Whenever you get a chance make sure you thank Mrs. Romain, for inviting Allison to our classroom.

  20. Jonah Huinquez says:

    A girl named Allison came to are class on Friday and showed us how to recycle,reduce,reuse,up cycle. She told us their are even things that were bad to through away like batteries,phones,and computers. You should know what the three R’s mean but if you don’t then here is a quick remind. RECYCLE means to make something out of something else. REDUCE means to use less of something. REUSE means to use something again.

  21. JAZMIN !!!!!!!*************** says:

    I agree with all my classmates ALISSON made a realy good presentatio

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